Box Jam Pole

Our box jam poles are used in Amazon sorting centers and distribution centers throughout The USA and are now on the worldwide Standard Supply List (AMAZON- see below for ordering info). Our box jam pole is an essential tool for unclogging jammed boxes on conveyors and auto sorters. Our Patent Pending Telescopic Fiberglass box jam pole which has revolutionized the way distribution centers and sorting facilities clear box jams or jammed boxes and packages on conveyors. Our box jam poles are the ideal product to dislodge jammed boxes on conveyors and auto sorters. We offer fixed lengths and telescoping box jam poles in various sizes. Each jam pole comes with our unique box jam clearing head. Our products are made in The USA with US materials.

We also manufacture telescoping fiberglass Push Poles for pushing boats in shallow water. Our jam poles are made with the same high quality materials.

*** This website is under construction. All products are now in stock. See below for our contact information.

AMAZON FACILITIES: please order through COUPA. Search “superstick” (one word).

To have you order expedited, order by case quantities:

  • 6-11JP       Case qty: 10        6 ft to 11 ft Telescoping Kit   (Total assembled weight= 3 lb. 14 oz.)


  • 4-8JP        Case qty: 10        4 ft to 8 ft Telescoping Kit   (Total assembled weight= 3 lb.)


  • 5JP            Case qty: 10        5 ft Non-telescoping Kit   (Total assembled weight= 1 lb. 14 oz)


  • 9-16JP      Case qty: 6           9 ft to 16 ft Telescoping Kit   (Total assembled weight= 5 lb. 7 oz.)

Push and pull strength for all models exceeds 75 pounds

For additional product details, inventory, and pricing, here is our contact information:


Brad Cromartie, President & CEO

Superstick, LLC
363 Tiller Drive
Pawleys Island, SC 29585     Proudly made in the USA!
(843) 991-2545

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